Interior of "LIFE ARMOUR".


High Sealing Property and Space for 4 Grown-up Persons


Trigger type lock has the resistance to vibration and the outstanding ability in tightening to create high sealing property.Corrosion-resistant stainless steel.The grip is adjustable with adjustment screw.
Floor-size is 0.6 squire meters, and hight from the floor to the sealing-top is 900mm.The space is much bigger than it looks from outside.It accommodates 4 persons of around 170cm/60kg.
Safety belt fixes your body in the strong pitches of tsunami.Four-point-safety belt stabilizes your upper body firmly.The safety belt along with center bar stabilizes your body safely.
window window
Storage space is available under the floor to store emergency items such as foods, water and so on.The underfloor storage with water tanks and so on will lower the center of gravity to float steadily without swaying on water. The biggest door of the storage is located on the floor at the entrance for easy supply of emergency foods, drinking water, emergency toilet and so on.Stored items can be taken out from other 2 doors while onboard.

‚Ė†Improvement of Ventilation, which was once a weak point

Oxygen Concentration with 4 Persons to the Maximum Capacity

Without using ventilation system in windless environment, the oxygen concentration of the inside goes down and soon becomes below 18%, which is regarded the minimum safety level.Generally speaking, oxygen concentration of 10% or less makes a human-being paralyzed, and of below 6%, faint.Our experimentation shows that the oxygen concentration goes down steadily almost indifferent to the sizes of ventilation hole.It is necessary to have a ventilation system in the shelter which does not have enough air circulation.Thus, we have introduced mechanical ventilating fan to intake atmosphere to keep oxygen concentration.The ventilating fan, once started, immediately brought back the oxygen more than the safety level.A large-capacity battery is equipped to run the ventilating fan for maximum 3 days.


The ventilating fan is fixable to the ventilation hole and run by the mobile battery provide as accessory.The fan intakes atmosphere from outside to circulate internal air to avoid an oxygen shortage.The fan can be easily replaced with the water prevention-cap to avoid water invasion.


The mobile battery supplies power to ventilating fan, LED lamp, cell phone and so on, that makes it possible to wait for rescue operation for a longer time.
The battery box provided as accessory can supply power in the same manner from your dry cells even after the mobile battery is over.
The mobile battery and battery box are stored in the dedicated bag, which can be fixable to the hatch to save precious space.


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