Specifications of "LIFE ARMOUR".


“LIFE ARMOUR NEO” The Shelter for Earthquake and Tsunami


Capacity 4 persons (of approx. 170cm/60kg per person)
Weight Approx. 80kg (light enough to carry by holding handles)
Width 1200mm in diameter
Material Fiber-grass reinforced plastic (FRP)
Buoyancy Approximately one third of the body sinks under water when 4 persons are accommodated.
Ventilation Hole One ventilation hole is located at the hatch. (Able to open/close from inside)
 *The period to use the shelter is maximum 3 days by using the ventilating fan provided as accessory.
Ventilating System A ventilating fan provided as accessory is attachable to the ventilation hole to intake atmosphere.
 The ventilating fan extends the period of stay in the shelter for maximum 3 days.
Color Gray-Blue/pink (Other colors are available as optional extras)
Interior  A holding bar is placed at the center to hold when the shelter is shaky.
 A safety belt also stabilizes the evacuee. White interior wall makes evacuee/s feel the inside wider.
 An LED lamp provided as accessory keeps the inside light.
Floor  Underfloor storage has 3 openings with doors.
 The biggest storage door is on the floor at the entrance.
 Two other doors are used as access routes to the storage.
Hatch  600mm of diameter. The hatch is locked from inside.
 Both the hatch and the body have independent packings to keep high water-tightness.
 The hatch has external snap fastener to prevent intrusion of dust and water from outside.
Window  A window of 250mm in diameter made from polycarbonate resin(bent in spherical shape to gain maximum strength)
 is fitted on the hatch. The window can be removed from outside by removing screws to rescue the persons from inside,
 and is designed to be broken from inside when it is by chance locked from outside.
Accessories Specially designed ventilating fan. Safety belt (for 4 persons), Mobile battery (able to charge a cell phone/PC)
 Battery box for dry cells, LED lamp, Dedicated bag, Mount, Cover for outdoor-installation.


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