LIFE ARMOUR Protects You and Your Precious Lives at the Worst Moment.



“LIFE ARMOUR” was produced as a measure, which can be equipped on the personal level, for frequently occurring natural disasters. It had received enthusiastic response from many people, and thanks to the public ideas, it could overcome the former weak points. “LIFE ARMOUR NEO” is the shelter which was reborn here.


It is made in spherical shape, which disperses the stress to reduce the load at a point when it gets shocks and pressure. Thus, it lessens the risks of breakage or damage to the utmost limit.


Metals cannot keep strength due to rusts spread over in a few years.A coat of paint can prevent rust but it should be done in every few years. Nickel alloys or titanium are rust-free, but they are too heavy and costly to make a private shelter from them.FRP (Fiber-glass reinforced plastic) is the magical material which can solve all the above-mentioned problems.
It has achieved the lightness of approximately 80kg with the ultimate rigidity. (If a shelter is made from steel in the same thickness of the LIFE ARMOUR, it will be some 280kg.)

■Do You Have Any Preparation for the Worst ?

It is said that tens of thousands of people could have survived if this shelter had existed at the time of the last earthquake.

Now is the time
each of us should think seriously
about disaster prevention measures.

The Committee of the Cabinet Office of Japan and the Working Group of the Central Disaster Management Council announced the estimation of damages such as the number of deaths, total of tsunami inundated areas and so on,resulting from Nankai Trough megathrust earthquake, which occurs with the epicenters in the offshore from Tokai region to Kyushu region.

It says that tremors of seismic intensity scale of 7 and tsunamis as high as 34 meters would hit the municipalities located in the Pacific Coast from Kanto to Kyushu region. The estimated death toll is 322thousands people in the worst scenario, as many as 2 million and 386 thousands buildings and houses collapse or are burnt down. And 1,015 squire kilometers of land would be inundated.

The first step we shall take at the time of earthquake is evacuation.
At the time of massive earthquake, where will you take shelter?
Do you have really safe places nearby?
How long does it take you to reach there?
Is it possible for you to install an expensive shelter at your residence?



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